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Hello and welcome to Using Home Remedies, where you can find exciting information on Home Remedies, how to do  Home Projects,  check out  Product Reviews and much more..

For too long people have been trained by ad campaigns and the media to run to the doctor for every little ailment and this has driven up our health care costs, weakened our immune systems, and all around cost us time well spent on better things.

Since the beginning of time people have been using and handing down home remedies and making all natural health products. Some how along the line in the last few decades we have gotten away from this practice.

We here at Using Home Remedies would like to collect as many Home Remedies as we can and share them on our site. Be sure to check out  Home Projects for some interesting do it yourself projects.

Our  Product Reviews pages will cover new and existing products offered for alternative medicine and natural products.

Check our Blog for posts on all kinds of Home Remedies news and tips!

Again, thanks for stopping by !


Please keep in mind that we are in no way doctors or are we medically trained here at Using Home Remedies. The home remedies and products you will find here work for some and not for others

. We ask you keep an open mind and be adventurous!

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