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Tick Infection

With summertime comes another season of dealing with those pesty critters we call Ticks.

With the risks of diseases spread by these little creatures, I felt I would share some of the info I found in dealing with these things, so here are some home remedies for ticks.


*** Note ***  If you think you or your pets are infested with ticks or fleas, it is imerative to remove them. Once  removed, click the link below for clean up and prevention!

Tick Prevention Products


Deer Tick

Before we figure out how to get rid of them, lets explore what they are first. Ticks are blood feeding external parasites that attach themselves to living creatures.

There are approximately 850 species worldwide and some can carry some nasty diseases. As they feed the body grows with yes, with the blood of the host.

Not a pretty thought, I know. This picture is a Deer Tick, and they are the most common found.They are mostly associated with spreading Lymes Disease. This link will help to explain some of the symptoms to look for if you think you have been infected with this disease.


Home remedies to get rid of ticks 

Home remedies for pets and people for getting rid of Ticks can be risky

Disclaimer: many experts say that disturbing the tick can make it regurgitate, or throw up so to speak, and since the diseases a tick might be carrying are in the body, this would send it right into the hosts bloodstream. While I found many easy home remedies, and I will list some of them, I personally recommend only the first option.

  • Using as pair of tweezers, grab the body as far up as you can get to the head of the tick. In one swift upward motion pull the tick off.
  • Take your finger and carefully rotate the body of the Tick in a circular direction. It is said that within seconds the Tick will back right out.
  • Insect spray on a q-tip, then applied to the head of the Tick, is said to make them back right out.
  • A quick wash with Pert Plus for dandruff from the head down will immediately back out ticks
  • Touching the head of the Tick with a freshly put out match has been said to make them back out, but be careful get it done the first time. ( See disclaimer above)

Happy Baby

The most important part of fighting ticks is to keep yourself, your kids and your pets covered when out  in the woods or parks, or anywhere that Ticks might frequent.

This is not always possible, so when you get in from your adventure make sure you check them over, and yourself too, for any possible Ticks.

If you do find the pests and you want to have them checked for disease after you remove them save them in an air tight jar and take them to your vet.

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Check out this essential book on Everything You Need to Know About Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Disorders, 2nd Edition


Thanks for reading and I hope this helps keep you safe during the Tick season!

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One comment

  1. Janice Brady says:

    I have a white (snow white) cat that is about 7months old that I adopted. she is precious. I found a tick on her, removed it using tweezers & got head & all. The next day while i was grooming her I found a bunch in her tail which is black & very bushy, it looks like a feather duster or very long haired plume. I comber out several ticks of varying sizes. I was appalled & went into panic. I immediately went & bought everything i could find for tick eradication. i had been putting bio-spot, frontline, etc. on her every month. She is deathly afraid of water but I bathed her with a good flea & tick solution. To my horror she had some attacked to her & had these minute, the size of a needle head, light colored. things all over her that could only be seen when I got her wet & using a magnifying glass. There were hundreds of them all over her. I pulled some off & the looked like tiny spiders but I assume they were baby ticks. I cut her hair as close to her skin as I could safely do. I bathed her again & applied flea & tick powder everywhere but her face. It seemed as if she was a live nest & the ticks were using her as their nest. I have looked everywhere on the web & could not find anything about these extreme case of infestation. I took the ticks in all stages to 2 different Doctors. One said they are deer-ticks that carry lyme the other said not to worry. I am very worried. I check her all day long, comb her & continue to monitor her. I do not have the cash to see a vet until next week & they won’t see her on credit (jerks). Has anyone ever encountered this before & is there anything else I can do. i am Lyme positive also & have been aggressively treated for Lyme disease. Now I see why I got lyme. I thought I was doing EVERYTHING I could to protect her. Any thoughts out there??

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